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Equine Consignment with Lazy S 6 Equine, LLC.

Equine Consignment with Lazy S 6 Equine, LLC.


Taking in horses who are in search of their new home isn't something I take lightly. For me, it's all about the best interest and well being of the horse. My goal is to tune up your horse to bring out the best in them. In this process I get to know them and what they enjoy the most. This allows me to be able to market them to their best human match. I will not sell a horse I don't know. I will not sell a lame or insane horse.


Between Owner and Broker (Holly Shanahan, Lazy S 6 Equine, LLC.)

$400 month feed/care (subject to change if special feeds and or medicine is required)

The Brokers training, ad time and showing of the animal will be logged at $35/hr.  This amount will come off the sale price.

Most horses require a thirty day tune up before they are ready to sell.  Some require more, some less.

If a soundness issue is noticed the owner will be required to have a vet check.  The Broker will not sell lame, dangerous or mentally unstable horses.  Full animal history disclosure is required.   

Horses must be current on dental, deworming and farrier services. If they are not the Broker will arrange for services at the Owners expense.

If the horse is registered, papers are required and will be checked that they match the horse.  Signed owner transfer is required.

The Owner or Broker may terminate the contract at any time.  If the Owner terminates the contact the broker is to be reimbursed for time at $25/hr and actually expenses. 

The horse will be videoed and photographed with the possibility of others on them for marketing purposes.  The goal is the right match from the first posted written ad and video.  Facebook teaser videos will be posted to spark interest before the animal is officially listed. If a match is not made though word of mouth or Facebook horses will be listed on Equine Now, Dream Horse, sometimes Ranch Horse World, Craigslist and YouTube. Buyers are recommended to come try the horse more than once to improve the likelihood of a good match.

Horses should not take more than a couple of weeks to sell with the right video and price point.  Some old injuries or abnormalities can make this process take longer.

Owner and Broker acknowledge equine activities are dangerous and release the other from liability in the event of an accident.  Arizona Code 12-553

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