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Foundation work, tune up & behavioral correction, horse & rider confidence building as the horse emerges from the training program, rehabilitation & body conditioning, foal foundation, obstacle, trail and gymkhana basics, ranch day work, clinics and demos, video marketing, event promotion and much more.......

About Holly

She's an Equine Facilitator with the horses best interest in mind! 

2007 B.S.B.A Marketing and Management Degree, Northern Arizona University

2012 Atlasta Home Horse Rescue Trainer Challenge Runner up

2009-2011 CVGA President

2012 FFA Alumni President

2014 Clinton Anderson Fundamentals Clinic Certification

2013-2015 Verde Valley Fair Arena Vice President and Marketing Coordinator

2015 Verde Valley Equine Festival Cowgirl Spirit Award

2016 Most miles ridden in Arizona Award

2017 Top three most miles ridden in Arizona Award

2016-2019 Clemenceau Museum Social Media Coordinator


Holly Shanahan, owner of Lazy S 6 Equine, LLC. is a fifth generation of the Verde Valley. In the spring of 2017 she got the brand her grandfather designed in the 1950’s back in the family and changed the business name from Shanahan Equine Services (est. 2007) to Lazy S 6 Equine, LLC.

If professionalism and open honest communication is important to you Holly will not disappoint.  She uses her educational background to help change the industry one experience at a time.

She believes in building a solid relationship with the horse on the ground first.  She incorporates a variety of horsemanship skills and methods into her training as well as exposing horses to every environment possible.  Every horse is on their own schedule and she adjusts their training accordingly.  She's not a one method for every horse type.  She uses her years of training and rehabilitating horses to choose the best approach.  She strongly  believes every horse should be treated and trained using a method that suits THEM best on THEIR timeline.  She won't push a horse until they are physically or mentally ready. She wants the horses she works with to be sound and usable for a lifetime.  

‘If you don’t trust your horse, they will not trust you.’  is her motto.  She's found ways to show her clients what their horses are capable of while keeping it safe and fun.  If she asks, "Is your cinch tight?", don't ask questions, check it and be ready to bond with your horse. 

Her children add a great new element to the training process.  When they leave here they're very well rounded and have seen it all from bikes, dirt bikes, trick riding, sports, acrobatics, dogs, going to town and visiting the Godard Funny Farm to name a few.   It can either be summer camp or a boot camp experience, it's their choice.  

She offers a variety of equine related services including foundation building, rehabilitation & body conditioning, equine tune up & behavioral correction, horse and rider confidence building a foal foundation as the horse emerges from training, obstacle, trail and gymkhana basics, ranch day work, clinics and demos,  video marketing, event promotion and much more.......


She is not a performance trainer, she will not offer a 30 day start.  She will make you a well rounded horse that just about anyone can handle and ride.  She's in it for the best interest and well being of the horse.

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