Training with Lazy S 6 Equine, LLC.

We have a 12 acre ranch in Cornville, Arizona.  We are currently in the building process.   We have an arena, obstacle course and trails close by. I work for a local ranch which allows diversity in their training. I limit the number of horses in for training so a they all get their deserved time. I include my children in my work and they provide a nice bonus level of desensitizing.


I’m not a performance trainer, I will not push them beyond what their body or mind is ready for.

Horses must be current on dental, farrier services, shots and deworming.  If they are not services will be arranged at the owners expense.


My monthly fee includes feed, hauling, normal seasonal items like fly spray and masks, sessions with the owner as the horse is getting ready to go home.  Horses get worked 5-6 days a week depending on what they need  Some horses require two short sessions a day..... Some one. I send picture and or video updates regularly. 

I will not won’t work with dangerous, mean, crazy or lame horses.


Owner and Trainer acknowledge equine activities are dangerous and release the other from liability in the event of an accident.  Arizona Code 12-553