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Holly Shanahan, I want to thank you for taking my horse and finding her the best home possible. It makes me very happy to see that she is in a wonderful environment, and that she is happy.

Holly has the best interest for all of her horses.

Thank you again

Michelle Bryant Freese August 2020

"Holly Shanahan excels at her job, she is professional, kind and trustworthy. She is dependable and can be counted on to uphold her word and she works hard to make sure her customers are happy and have the best experience." Janet Gabrielson

Holly at Lazy S 6 Equine always has the horse and the owners best interest in mind. She will make sure that there is a connection. And the well being of the horse is always her main goal. Rebecca Lynn May 2020

A few month back I purchased a horse from Lazy s 6 equine, I could not be happier with my purchase. Holly was 💯 upfront with me on what good quality’s Gumbi had and was very upfront about the habits she witnessed and did not like. Well once we got him home, he lived up to even more of an expectation than we ever expected. Honest upfront company to work with or purchase a horse from. Thank you so much. Nicholas Casler July 2020

Holly is the best at matching horses with riders and always pushes you out of your comfort zone to make you the best rider you can be!!  Brenda Fox July 2020

Holly is an amazing person with a soft hand and great ability with horses. she did an amazing job with my mare who dealt with some situations from her past causing fear and trust issues in people and Holly helped her build her fundamentals and trust along with guiding her through her troubled situations helped my horse feel more comfortable and build confidence in herself. Not only did Holly work with my mare but she takes the time and includes her Clients in the process helping to build a connection. Holly is a great choice if your looking for a trainer, someone who has the best intentions for your horse along with you also in the end of the process. She keeps a great line of communication with daily check ups to show your horses progress and she does what it takes to help you and the horse cross that finish line to a better situation for each other. Alex Rosenkranz July 2020

What a great time today at Lazy S 6 Equine ranch. Holly is truly a Horse Whisperer and great with kids. Brought my 6 year grandson and 2 year old granddaughter to ride today for first time in their life. Was amazing. Looking forward to working with Holly on other equine projects. James Iacovacci March 2020

Amazing experience for all of us. We let the kids do the riding (they both didn’t want to stop!), but next time I don’t want to miss out. Holly was patient, kind, and knowledgeable. The horses gentle. Highly recommend! Victoria Forerester October 2019

Holly is very professional and knowledgeable about horses. Her goals and focus are on safe horses and safe riders as well as wanting people and horses to enjoy each other. She has a good program to work with horses to learn about them and how to help them become better horses. I took my horse to her and she helped us both to work through some issues that we had. She listened to me about what tack I wanted to use and made it work. I am glad I took my horse to her for help instead of throwing in the towel! I highly recommend her!!  Virginia Riedel October 2019

Holly is Awesome to work with and around! She is very patient and level headed. Treats ALL as she likes to be treated, with Respect, Honesty, and Compassion. YOU WILL NEVER find a more accommodating individual overflowing with a Wealth of Knowledge and Suggestions. Highly recommend Holly Shanahan for your Horse Training, Questions, you name it.... Sharon Harmer, August 2019

Holly is amazing! Her horse herd is so sweet, well mannered and gorgeous! She loves to teach, train horses in a gentle manner and get people excited about riding. Highly recommend this sweet young lady! She is gracious, ambitious and a true horsewoman! Kanice Banks August 2019

Holly has an amazing ability to connect with the horses she trains as well as the people she works with.She has the expertise and experience that far outreaches her age. She has an amazing work ethic. Perhaps it’s her family and their legacy that has made her far wiser than most trainers. Cindy Martin August 2019

Holly is a professional & a expert in her field. With Lazy S 6 Equine you get not only unsurpassed knowledge & skills but a fun loving environment with amazing results. I highly recommend Lazy S 6 Equine! Cody Drake September 2019

Holly is honest and hard working! Very caring for the horses and the people ! Thank you for what you do..thank you for finding a forever home for the mare I acquired..and discovered I really didn't need to bring another horse home,when my hands were so full already..lol.Great job!  Rosemary Preston August 2019

Lazy S 6 Equine Excels in taking time training, getting to know the horse and placing horse with a matched owner to ensure forever home.
Lazy S 6 Equine has relaxed my heart and spirit and for my horse.
Thank you so much.
Sincerely, Deb Browning-Folchert March, 2019


Well, after the passing of my old guy I had since he was born, and a couple of bad horse accidents I didn't know if I wanted to ride anymore, and if I had the confidence to ride after I was bucked off last time breaking 4 ribs. I thought I was just to old...lol...not.
With the help of Holly Shanahan, Holly was able to find out if I still had the passion for riding, which I did, and after a couple of months of Holly putting me up on all different horses, I was able to get my confidence back.
Holly had a little mare she was riding for a client, and just so happened, she was a perfect fit for me, so now I'm back on my new horse Juuls, and I absolutely love her!
Thank you so much Holly for all your knowledge and help getting me back in the saddle and having my forever horse! It was just meant to be!

Can't say enough about Holly Shanahan. Today she really got me out of my comfort zone and I went bareback. I'm sure it's been 30 years since I've really been bareback for any amount of time.
It felt so much better than in a saddle, but not yet sure if I want to head down the trail bareback..lol..I'd fall off! Jill Moore July 2019

Holly was just what my Mustang Mare needed to learn about being ridden. Her approach to horse training is kind, gentle and she reads the horse giving what the horse needs at the right time. Pattie O'Brien June 2019

Holly has great skills with handling horses, with handling people and also with using various mediums to enable her to find the best appropriate home for various horses at different levels. I would not hesitate to call on her again. She has a great nature for being with livestock yet she is also an excellent human communicator. She was able to place two of mine with limited prior training. I am ecstatic about the great homes she found. Also her prices are beyond reasonable. Trish Peters February 2019

We were so happy that Holly helped us find just the right home for the pony we bought for our Granddaughter. Shiloh was a really awesome horse, but way too much for our 8 year old beginner. Holly carefully evaluated Shiloh, and went thru several possible matches before finding just the right fit. Her fees are reasonable, and she loves horses. She was very patient in looking for our perfect person, and we highly recommend her! Pynne Johnson January 2019

Recently Holly helped me with a very stressful situation involving a horse I bought and could not handle.  She was so professional but at the same time so down to earth in her approach with my problems.  I do not believe you could ever find someone any more honest, sincere, knowledgeable and kind that she is.  She treated treated me with respect and kindness that I really needed with this situation I had managed to get myself into.  I know I am not very well educated in equine knowledge but I love horses & want to have at least one of my own.  Holly made sure she didn't treat me as if I were any less of a horse woman that she was.  That of course is certainly not true.  She sent me almost daily reports on my horse's progress or the lack of (at times).  She was also very excited when my horse started to excel & she shared that excitement.  Holly did everything she said she would & more..........sadly we're not blessed with too many people of that caliber.  I will always remember her & what she did for me & for my horse. Her love of horses just shines when you talk to her. She can be trusted, believed and she is worth more than her weight in gold. Everyone in my household respects & admires Holly.  Her family is blessed to have such a wonderful lady in their lives----God Bless Holly.

Respectfully Sharon Young

My 10 yr old Gelding Titus is totally a different horse now since Holly took him and Really Trained him. Holly is very Professional and puts a lot of effort and time into her work. Titus is a pleasure to ride now. Thanks Holly Shanahan!!! Gloria Rich


I contacted Holly Shanahan to sell my beloved paint horse Dutch as I could no longer ride.  She brought his behavior from spoiled brat, back to the awesome horse he was when I got him.  She got me a fair price and worked hard to acquire a suitable, loving home for this amazing horse.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use Holly’s services again if the need arises.
Colleen Kreiger


In May of 2016 I was thrown from a horse that I recently purchased to replace a wonderful appaloosa gelding that I had had for 15 years. The bucking was intense and I had not been unseated by a horse in over 40 years. I broke my collar bone and had surgery to repair the bad break. I was not convinced at this time that I would want to continue riding but WAS convinced that this new horse was not right for me.

We had purchased this horse without having our trainer, Holly Shanahan ride him and work with him prior to his being transported to our place in Sedona from Texas. She began immediately on day 1 to work with him but there were always a few concerns from her trained eye and perspective regarding his "reactiveness". After this horse was returned to Texas following the incident, I had months of recuperation to think about the wisdom of looking for another horse. One horse was brought by for us to look at and we immediately called Holly to have her give us her opinion and to evaluate this horse. Again, there were some concerns from her about this horse we heeded her advice.

One learns from such an experience that it is true "Wisdom" to have a professional with the knowledge, intuition and training skills be at the front of the line in evaluating any new prospects for the purchase of a horse. No one is better qualified than Holly Shanahan. Holly quietly set in motion to begin a search for another horse with the temperament and qualities that would make a good trail horse for the type of riding we enjoy at this stage in our lives. She noted an ad with video for a 12 year old quarter horse located in Tucson. Despite her busy schedule, she contacted the owner and drove down to Tucson to evaluate this horse. She took two days, riding the horse over a variety of terrains and under different circumstances and felt that this was an excellent prospect. She brought him home and had an equine veterinarian give him a thorough evaluation prior to our final purchase. After working with him for several days Holly and we were convinced that this was the horse for us.

Of course the story does not end here..... Thanks to the gentle nudging of Holly, I am back in the saddle again. The "take away" of this experience is that one should always consult a professional such as Holly to evaluate any new horse prior to purchase. Holly continues to work with us and our two horses in maintaining their "manners", saddle and saddle pad fitting, finding just the right bit, arranging for correct shoeing and keeping us safe and happy on the trail.


Thank you Holly!

Jackie Ellis

March 2017

Anyone who has lost their confidence whether due to a horse wreck, age or health issue appreciates how challenging and seemingly impossible it can be to get "back in the saddle" again. The added stress and very real danger of bringing a horse home with a trailer panic and/or trauma was almost the last straw for even thinking I had this horse to ride in my future. A friend then suggested I call Holly Shanahan. I swallowed my pride and mustered the courage I had remaining and asked Holly for her analysis and help. My riding life changed from that moment forward. With Holly's expertise and keen sensitivity to his and my "issues" I have developed a partnership that grows each day with my beloved horse named Rocky. To be clear, my "rocky" start of this new horse would have certainly led to a quick end of ownership. However, with great care for both his fears and my limitations and fears I have regained the confidence and trust that will keep me in the saddle for years to come. It is not always easy. I am not always confident and not always skillful. However, what I learn with Holly as a certified and intuitive coach and trainer is that I can become the rider I want to be and have a trusting partnership with my horse.


Thank you Holly far giving me back my horse family future in such a safe, fun, and skill building program that you created to meet his and my needs. The talent and skill you have developed in order to customize a successful training program such as you did for Rocky and me is the hallmark of excellence in teaching and coaching. I will be forever grateful.


Donna Michaels, Ph.D.